What motivates you?

Hey, guys!

So, today wasn’t particularly fantastic, but I feel that I was able to round it out fairly well. I tucked my beau into bed, played Castle Crashers with my brother until my headset became uncomfortable, and then closed the evening on character discussions with friends.

As I mentioned before, my creativity hasn’t been flowing as freely these past couple of years. I might stumble upon an idea – something that I’d really love to expand on – but I often talk myself out of it or distract myself with other pastimes. Lately, though, I’ve discovered that hashing out these ideas with someone helps in the motivation department. I don’t have to shovel coals into the fire all by my lonesome, but I still have freedom to inject my thoughts as I see fit. So, needless to say, when my friends and I start gabbing about our characters and how they might potentially interact, my mind wanders!

I think my short term goal will be to come up with a simple prompt with my closest writing buddy. She and I always come up with something valuable; I just need to push myself to work with it. Having her to support and encourage me is wonderful. Feedback helps me feel less unsure and incapable – applauding my strengths, coaching my weaknesses. Once I’m comfortable working on these goals to appeal to someone else, I think I’ll have an easier time working on goals for myself (and with more confidence).

With that in mind, I have to wonder: what motivates me? Writing for other people to enjoy seems to rank pretty high on the list. But, what else? Environment. Maybe I haven’t paid enough attention to my surroundings. I tend to find comfort when no one else is around, when the lighting is dim, maybe some tealights burning nearby, sounds of rain or waterfalls playing low. You’d think I’m getting sensual here, but no, I just want to write! Perhaps if the atmosphere is ever-so-slightly chaotic, my mind will follow the noise.

On that note, I think I know what to work on! Wish me luck!

Discussion Point: What motivates you? How do you find your spark?

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