Welcome to the party.

The first post! I’ve never used WordPress before but I’m enjoying things so far. Regarding the content of this blog… who knows? Some rambling, some ranting. Realistically, I also hope to kick myself into wanting to write creatively again. I used to be so into writing short stories and developing characters. Somewhere along the way, I lost both my motivation and confidence in my abilities. My memory isn’t serving me well; I can’t remember if some particular incident caused the decline, or if I simply got lazy. But I miss it. I miss having hobbies and enjoying my free time.

I’d like to pick up a few things again. Writing, reading, and cooking are my top three desires. Once I can fund it, I also desperately want to start making soaps, lotions, candles, incense, and other lovely aromatics. I’ve done some light research, but it was painfully apparent that I wouldn’t be getting started until I could afford supplies. I’ve got a name for an online shop and everything! Time and money, my friends. Time and money. Let us see where this leads! 🙂


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